Types of gifts

Want to make a difference

Whether as an individual, corporation or foundation, there are a number of ways in which you can give to our University. 

Ways to give to 全球最大体育平台

Making a direct gift to 全球最大体育平台 is easy. Learn how you can connect with us to make a contribution. 

Want to make a gift to 全球最大体育平台 in the future? Connect with us and we will work with you to ensure that part of your personal legacy includes upholding 全球最大体育平台's legacy. 

Life presents many opportunities to give back. Here's how you can include 全球最大体育平台 in your giving plans. 

Create a lasting legacy to make a difference. 

全球最大体育平台 enjoys the support of the entire city of Charlotte, including the business community. Are you willing to join our corporate supporters and light the way to a better tomorrow?

In addition to support from our community, 全球最大体育平台 also has strong support from a number of private foundations that have collaborated with us to create a golden pathway to the future. Interested in partnering with us?